Paul Hodgson started as the Manager of the Functional Pathogenomics of Mucosal Immunity project in June 2002. He is headquartered at the Veterinary Infectious Disease Organization in Saskatoon. He works with the principal investigators, Dr. Lorne Babiuk (University of Saskatchewan) and Dr. Bob Hancock (University of British Columbia) and with the corporate sponsors to ensure efficient communication between the parties.Paul is also responsible for controlling the financial and administrative aspects of the project.

Paul completed his BSc and MSc at Dalhousie University, his PhD at Memorial University and his MBA at the University of Alberta. His scientific research focused on the immunology underlying infectious disease, specifically chronic viral hepatitis; his MBA specialized in Technology Commercialization. Dr. Hodgson joins Genome Prairie from Newfound Genomics, a start-up biotechnology company located in St. Johnís, Newfoundland, where he was employed in a business development capacity.